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Confers extends the time available for presentations, discussions and recording resultant decisions with your client, the project team, wider stakeholders or the general public.

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Strategic workshops, Consultations, Progress Reviews and Retrospectives



Engage across the project lifecycle

Confers offers a range of solutions for different kinds of conferring at different stages of any project.

Strategic Briefing Workshops

Manage more inclusive ideas & feedback workshops and inform robust strategic and detailed project requirements briefs.

Design Reviews & Progress Meetings

Manage time-critical reviews of design proposals or projects in progress, discuss changes and record decisions and outcomes.

Stakeholder Consultations

Manage public, local community or wider private stakeholder consultations, keeping people involved and informed of outcomes. 

Post-Project Engagement Activities

Manage a range of post project engagement activities to capture end-user and team feedback or engage future clients.

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“Sharing video and panoramic photography made our online consultation really real and engaging for people contributing to its success.”

Kieran McSherry, Sustrans

“.. really simple to set up and use and gave us a great way to make our consultation open and accessible to as many people as possible.” 

Kathryn Hearnden, Canterbury City Council


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“allowed us to take engagement to another level as part of both formal and informal gathering of ideas, comments and observations.”

Kim Smith, Royal Borough of Greenwich


“ gave us a great way to reach out to lots of different stakeholders to ensure our proposals were informed by a broad array of perspectives.” 

Nidhi Baiswar, Head of Sustainable Design and Construction, Bouygues UK,


Customer Success Stories 

Make more inclusive decisions on multi-stakeholder transformational projects

Built Environment
  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Place-making & Regeneration
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Construction
  • Transport and Infrastructure 
  • New Product Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • User Research & Design
  • Innovation and Research
  • Smart Cities
  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Workspace Transformation
  • Service Transformation
  • Policy Development


Why Confer?

Confers helps professional project teams to engage their various stakeholders and capture clear & timely feedback, keeping everyone efficiently involved and informed and helping identify and remove project risk.

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More Convenient 

Nothing to download, available in web and mobile devices, Confers enables your stakeholders to: 

  • understand the project content and context
  • engage and have a say
  • stay informed of outcomes


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More Efficient

Organiser tools enable you to very quickly publish and automate a range of engagement and feedback activities by:

  • reusing standard presentation content
  • augmenting content with explanatory notes and video
  • automating engagement within a timeframe


Less Risks

Regular stakeholder engagement and feedback on your project increases buy-in, reduces risks, and helps innovation:

  • everyone stays engaged throughout the process
  • consensus built behind proposals
  • clear & transparent audit trail of decision-making 

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Benefits of Conferring

Extended Opportunity

From focus groups and invited design reviews to full scale public consultations, this is the simplest way to ensure you've given everyone you need a chance to understand the project stage and contribute at the appropriate time.  Invite stakeholders to feedback during the planning, designing, building, selling or improvement of any kind of product, service, environment or business and automate the whole process.

Clear & Timely Feedback in One Place

From focus groups and invited design reviews to full scale public consultations, this is the simplest way to explain projects and get everyone engaging and feeding back at the appropriate time.

Why Confer?

Are You Ready To Confer?

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