Our Company

Confers is developed by Stickyworld Ltd, founded in 2010.  The concept evolved from a simple collaboration app using virtual post-it notes, into a powerful consultation and feedback software designed to support a wide number of project engagement and feedback use cases across multiple industries. We see a future where timely and more informed contributions from stakeholders will lead to more customer-centric outcomes that everyone involved owns and feels proud of.

Our Customer Promise

If you’re an individual or work in a small team that needs to engage large numbers of people in your every day work, whatever you do, we’ll enable you to engage in the most efficient and cost-effective way, helping your stakeholders better understand and contribute to your work so you can deliver a customer-centric result, building on their input.

Our Values

We are a globally distributed company, working hard, smart and flexibly. We use our own software coupled with the latest internet technologies to design build, measure, learn, communicate, engage, and get stuff done. We always put our current and future customers at the heart of everything we do, and we dedicated to continuous learning and improvement.

Our Employee Promise

When you’re a Stickyworld employee, we promise to help you grow and evolve in the context of the rapidly changing world of the internet and business software.  We’ll allow you to work where you want or need, to help you evolve and grow with the company, and become ever more customer-centric in your professional thinking and behaviour. You’ll be set a personal mission with our bigger mission, you’ll have a voice, and you’ll have the space to make an impact.

Our Investor Promise

If you’re a Stickyworld investor, we promise to work tirelessly to deliver impressive returns, and repay the trust you have put in us.  As with all our stakeholders we’ll keep you in the loop in inviting you to share your ideas, knowledge and feedback using our own software.  We will engage you in our progress towards making an impact in our target markets, and involve you at the level you able able to contribute in our strategy and plans for growth in adjacent addressable markets.


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