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Who: Bornat Architects.

What: Review of a refurbishment project for an overseas client.

Result: The team at Bornat set up a Stickyworld room to share designs, 3D renderings, on-site photographs and more. The Stickyworld platform facilitated the entire approval process and allowed Bornat to secure client sign off.

"Stickyworld helped us gain client sign off for design and product selection with confidence. The organisation of the site is clear and easy to manage"

Dinah Bornat, Practice Director,

Bornat Architects

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Bornat Architects: client sign-off and design review with overseas clients

This example is of a online design review with clients on fast paced projects and minimum opportunity to meet face to face.


Bornat Architects were working for a client on a fast turnaround refurbishment project. The client was overseas at work and returning to London to move into the apartment. The client had asked for a way to securely review design proposals and see progress on site. Bornat architects were looking for a way to do this other than sending endless emails and attachments. They also needed a way to agree final design details, fixtures and fittings specification and give their client better visibility of the project as it progressed. This is when they turned to Stickyworld for a solution.


The architects set up a secure private room in their Stickyworld account for their project, uploaded a range of plans, 3D perspectives sketches, site photographs and also product photographs. They invited their client by email to comment, confirm decisions and answer questions.

Slide categories were used to structure the content into sections that helped the client understand the type of information. The simple to use commenting and email alerts kept both parties in the loop and enabled a clearer online conversation at a time to suit both client and designer, saving time and money and avoiding confusion on the project. Practice director Dinah Bornat said of the platform: 

“Having an image based platform to share with our client was enormously helpful. It helped us gain sign off for design and product selection with confidence. The organisation of the site is clear and easy to manage.”


There are plenty of ways for architects to use Stickyworld and create clearer conversations with client, colleagues and suppliers. If you work for an architectural firm or other design firm, and you are looking for better ways to engage your clients in discussions about evolving designs, we offer free online webinar demonstrations where we can show you how easy and fast it is to set up and then start a free trial.

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