Confer On Your Housing Services Transformation Project

Confers' enables Clear & Timely Feedback on Housing Services Transformation projects for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Social Landlords. Complete your details to request a demonstration and free consultation.

Let's discuss your project and show you how Confers could help.
We'll be pleased to show you and your colleagues how the Confers system works for Housing & Community Service projects. 
Unlike regular project software which focuses simply on file sharing, gantt charts and task management, Confers software focuses on the 'why' of projects and project outcomes.  It does this by enabling project stakeholder engagement throughout the process, including enabling collection of user and customer-centred ideas and feedback from key stakeholders at key stages, and communication of outcomes and decision-making.  Good engagement will help de-risk your Research and Innovation projects and deliver more customer-centred project outcomes.
Learn faster through a demo.
Our online demos are the quickest way for you to assess the software without committing to a trial. They give you and the team an opportunity to view the right kind of examples, and ask questions, enabling you and your team to better understand how it works and how easy it is to set up different kinds of feedback activities to help you confer with stakeholders on your various Digital Transformation projects.
How long does the demo last?
Demos usually take as little as 25-30 mins, we'll show you and your colleagues some real customer examples, how you can build similar quickly, and answer all your questions. Tell us about your specific requirements, and we'll focus on those features of the system.

Should I invite colleagues to the demo?

Yes it's a good idea.  It is best to consider who else will be using the system, which colleagues or project stakeholders would benefit most from its implementation and any key stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Do I have to download anything?

No, you don't have to download anything to join the demo. You can just click on a link and dial into the conference. Alternatively, if your IT allows you can download the app and the connect via the internet.