Managing ideas and feedback from all your stakeholders

In every project, there are multiple stakeholders, multiple problems to solve, tons of new knowledge generated and which needs to be shared, a need to demonstrate progress, and an increasing recognition that consultative, inclusive, and collaborative approaches to problem solving, engaging all stakeholders, will offer the best chances of customer-focused outcomes and a stronger platform upon which to win new work.

The trouble is, for many teams and project leads, it is hard to get everyone in the same room to focus on that outcome. It is hard to collect diverse ideas, to listen to the different feedback from different stakeholders, and to make sure everyone really understands the project objectives.  It's hard to present and explain project progress to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, especially if all you have is hard data and a combination of BIM files, spreadsheets, site photos and supplier info.  And it's hard to find answers from this process if you could just get more people to share and contribute.

Stickyworld offers a simple, visual solution to help you solve this age old project engagement challenge.

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A Stickyworld portal for your project will make it easy to engage stakeholders and collect ideas, suggestions or feedback at any stage of your construction project, and presenting multiple detailed topics for discussion using multimedia video, plans, 360 virtual photogrphy. It makes it easy to present project progress in a visual and interactive form, and gather, respond to and report on feedback and questions received from multiple stakeholder groups sourced from those presentations.

Flexible to suit any stage of a project

So when might you need to collect contributions from multiple parties.  You may be right at the start, and you may be collecting and sorting ideas for a current bidding process. You need more effective ways to engage your bidding team. You may be consulting with stakeholders on designs and searching for value engineering ideas and solutions. You may be disseminating best practice and health and safety from one of your sites, or you may be handing over and explaining completed projects to your clients, and your clients' FM team. You may be disseminating best practice lessons to the organisation internally.

Wherever you are in the process, Stickyworld offers you an all-in-one solution to create and manage the right type of 'online rooms' in which to engage all your different stakeholder groups, present the right content to the right people at the right time. 

Capture lasting value from everyone's input 

Enabling online project engagement is not just about making it easy for your stakeholders to have "anytime, anywhere" access to project information. It's about taking the time to present and explain a project and it's challenges, and capturing the latent value that resides in the ideas, suggestions and questions from people, coming from different backgrounds of expertise to work on or contribute to the project at some level - including the client body and its wider stakeholders groups, including all the different end users who usually have vital local expert knowledge that could help shape a positive project outcome for all - if only there was an easier way to share and capture it for the core team to consider.

Making it easy for everyone to properly understand a project, contribute their ideas, suggestions, point out the risks is what Stickyworld technology can help construction teams. Capturing online stakeholder feedback in a simple a visual way, and making it available to your team and your organisation is the first step towards capturing the true value that comes from bringing people together to work on a project.



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