Energy and Utilities

The Challenge for Energy and Utilities 

  • Your plans and projects affect a vast array of customers and stakeholder groups and this requires an inclusive approach to gathering ideas and feedback.
  • Regulatory bodies demand and incentivise excellent stakeholder engagement and want to see evidence that feedback is incorporated into plans and decisions.
  • Business commitments need to align with stakeholder needs and it’s important to show you are embracing environmental/social objectives including consumer vulnerability issues.
  • Stakeholder engagement is company-wide and finding ways to work collaboratively has to be embedded in your culture and business.

Involving everyone you need is challenging

Do you face the following problems?

  • Lack of time and space to get everyone together to discuss.
  • Need for clarity in presentations to capture more informed feedback.
  • Lots of opinions and data sources to consider.
  • Time wasted repeating what’s already been suggested.
  • Need to evidence timely decisions back to all stakeholders involved.

What if there was an easier way to manage stakeholder feedback across your organisation as you plan your strategy and commitments and engage all your stakeholder groups?

Stickyworld offers:

  • Easy to set up online workshops, forums and consultations to engage stakeholders in public or private.
  • Interactive presentation and explanation of plans and projects.
  • CRM and tools to set granular user-permissions and manage moderation. 

Our Energy and Utilities Customers use Stickyworld for:

  • Policy co-design and review.
  • Online stakeholder workshops to complement and extend face-to-face engagement informing Business Plans.
  • Online project-based local community consultations. 

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