Planning and Urban Design

Quick and easy to set up.

Stickyworld can be up and running in minutes, and projects can be prepared and launched in days.  All new customers receive basic training and online support from our team, including suggestions and advice about optimum ways to present and engage.

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Present Maps, Powerpoints, PDFs, Videos and 360s.

Whatever media content you have to explain your projects, Stickyworld makes it easy to present this content online, augment it with interactive information and engage people in meaningful discussions about the existing context, the possibilities for change or detailed proposals.

Engage and capture the evidence.

Tools allow you to engage, reply, moderate and share comments. Categorisation tools enable you to structure the feedback and choose different types of engagement method to capture comments in context of images or with locations. Automatic reporting allows you to evidence the feedback and all data is exportable as CSV.

Impress your clients.

For consultant practices the settings and tools in Stickyworld always keep you in control, and creates an easy way for your team to engage, capture and evidence ideas and feedback from different stakeholder groups, either in public or private and in a way that meets your clients expectations and objectives.


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Stickyworld offers an easy way to enable clear and timely stakeholder feedback on your planning and urban design projects or across the organisation.

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Learn how we can enable clear and timely stakeholder feedback on projects across your organisation.