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Engaging customers and communities needn't be so hard

It is a competitive environment and customers have increasingly high expectations and demands. Customers want to find information quickly and to participate in decisions. 

It can be hard, complex and expensive to put in place the right capabilities to respond to customer needs and requirements and to empower customer choice and engagement over the longer term.   

There's an easy way

Stickyworld offers property developers a simple, affordable cloud-based enagement portal that enables you and your consultant team to set up, manage and evidence different kinds of engagement at different stages of your development project. From early stage community consultation, through to sales and aftercare, Stickyworld's powerful feature set will help you raise the bar on your communications and engagement.

A wide range of multimedia content types and flexible engagement settings and response types help you present the right information at the right time to the right groups of people. Granular permissions enable your inhouse team to assign the permissions to your external agents and consultants to collaborate on your portal.  A powerful engagement CRM enables your team to keep track of your engagement with stakeholders and customers.

Benefits for customers 

Your customers can ask questions, stay informed and engage with you at a time and place to suit them, meeting their expectations.   

Benefits for organisers 

Offers you choice and control whilst saving time in organising and evidencing engagement activities across your development project lifecycle.  

Benefits for your organisation 

Supports a customer-first approach, delivering valuable insights and enabling you to build long term customer communities.    



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