High Street Retailers

The Challenge for Retailers

It's a tough world for High Street Retailers right now.

  • Today, your store environment is ever more important for supporting a great customer experience in an increasingly online world.
  • For new build projects, you must get the experience right first time and avoid costly retrofits and time delays.
  • For existing store environments, you need to maintain, improve and upgrade your stores on an ongoing basis to drive more sales.
  • Developing and maintaining great customer experiences across your stores demands ideas and feedback from many different stakeholders.


Involving everyone you need is challenging

Do you face the following problems?

  • Lack of time and space to get everyone together to discuss.
  • Need for clarity in presentations to capture more informed feedback.
  • Lots of opinions and data sources to consider.
  • Time wasted repeating what’s already been suggested.
  • Need to evidence timely decisions back to all stakeholders involved.


What if there was a easier way to manage all your stakeholder feedback across your organisation as you strategise, plan, design, develop, fit-out or improve your stores and customer experiences? 


To learn how Stickyworld can help teams involve different stakeholder groups throughout the store design and development process, request a convenient demo today. 


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