Custom Build Customer Portals

Keep customers informed and involved throughout the process to design and build their ideal home. 

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For custom builders working closely with customers to build new homes, Stickyworld helps them bring customers along on the process.


Keeping customers informed  

One of the challenges custom build is to keep the customer informed of their choices, and enable a timely way to feedback on any design as it develops. 

Stickyworld presents a solution for your project

Stickyworld portals can be set up to save you time and money in involving your clients and customers throughout the buying process. It can help them stay informed throughout construction, all the way to the end of the project when you hand over the keys to their brand new home. client-review.png

Customer-centric collaboration  

Using a range of media types including immersive content, Stickyworld makes it easy to help the customer better understand what is being proposed, and what choices they have made.  Speed to decision affects your bottom line, you can set up time-based design review rooms to push the client along.

Video training capabilities makes handover simple and creates a high level information store in a convenient place that the client can get to.

Get smarter about how you involve your customers in the process

Getting customer engagement right will save you time and money. It will increase your chances of referral and repeat work. 

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