Planning Consultation and Engagement

Keep local communities and wider stakeholders informed and engaged throughout pre-planning consultation programmes. Engage in moderated forums using interactive content and export evidence of your community involvement.

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For developers and housing associations, Stickyworld offers an effective online consultation and engagement solution. Deployed as a standalone portal or integrated within your own project website, Stickyworld powers participation in your project and creates an effective stakeholder communications channel, making it easy to evidence community involvement and derisking planning outcomes.

The need for community involvement

Developer-led planning consultation is often accused of being a ‘tick the box’ exercise, prone to challenge or judicial review when insufficient consultation has taken place. Local people are sometimes too busy to come to exhibitions, or only the usual suspects turn up to voice their opinions.  Running ever more public exhibitions costs time and money and is often not practical for staff resourcing and availability. Online platforms offer an obvious alternative solution for increasing the opportunity to get involved, helping developers meet their consultation obligations in an affordable and manageable way that benefits everyone.

A flexible solution

From the earliest engagement opportunity through to formal consultation, Stickyworld offers a convenient way for local people to study planning proposals, ask questions or leave their feedback.  Just like real world planning exhibitions, Stickyworld enables the creation of online ‘rooms’ for presenting and commenting on development proposals. Authoring tools enable the presentation of all kinds of media including images, PDFs, site photos, CGIs, 360 panoramas, videos, maps, or Powerpoint slides. ‘Sticky’ links placed on the slides can build a more interactive presentation, and link to relevant information. The online content can be presented in a full screen presentation view during face-to-face meetings, or shared via social media channels to drive awareness of the opportunity to get involved.

Easy to set up

Stickyworld is a self service web software, built with team collaboration in mind, and enabling your architect, engagement consultants, PR or communications professionals to set up a consultation and engagement portal for the project on your behalf. The software offers the tools that your team needs to create, promote, manage, evidence and feedback on any kind of local community involvement throughout the preparation of your planning application.

Export the evidence

Exporting PDF reports and CSV files about your engagement is easy, helping you evidence your consultation, and reviewing any necessary design changes that you may need to consider as a result of the consultation, prior to submitting your formal application.


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Stickyworld will derisk your project with effective online participation

Benefits for local communities
  • Makes it easy for people to understand and comment on proposals.
  • Convenient 24/7 access with desktop and mobile interfaces.
  • Enables stakeholders to stay informed and engaged as the project progresses.
Benefits for consultation organisers
  • Easy to manage, hosted service with nothing to download.
  • Plugs into existing websites and branded to suit your campaign.
  • Easily combined with other consultation activities and presentations.
Benefits for developers
  • Enables wider engagement and builds trust beyond the ‘usual suspects’.
  • Mitigates application risks by evidencing community involvement with metrics.
  • Enables contentious issues to be clearly identified before applications are submitted.

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