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Keep citizens and stakeholders informed and involved throughout your smart cities project, through effective online citizen and stakeholder engagement.

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For city leaders and technologists looking to accelerate Smart city transformation, Stickyworld makes it easy to involve wider groups of people in any Smart city project.  Collaborate across departments and with project partners. Build your business case, and discuss the technical opportunities, costs and benefits. Open up a clearer conversation with wider citizens, enabling co-creation of new services and more compelling communication of ideas and proposals that can improve urban living for everyone.

Need for wider citizen engagement

 The need for more citizen engagement

Cities face tough problems from ageing populations and climate change to rapid urbanisation. These are all adding pressures to infrastructures and resources while citizen’s expectations for better services and personalised interactions with government are increasing. With austerity putting the brakes on what government can achieve, tapping into the skills and knowledge of people is key. There’s a growing need to demystify new technologies and give people the opportunity and tools to be innovative and find solutions themselves. But enabling seamless collaboration and interaction with wider groups can be complex and costly.

Stickyworld manages this risk providing a 24/7 responsive online platform for proactively involving different groups of people in your Smart city plans, ideas and designs. Whether working within the wider team or in public, Stickyworld makes it easy to offer people an opportunity to participate in decisions that affect them, empowering them beyond the regular public events, planning meetings, exhibitions and focus groups which too often fail to involve wider groups and are costly to organise.


Platform flexibility built in

Deployed as a standalone portal or integrated with other websites, Stickyworld enables the creation of online public or private ‘rooms’. Any multimedia and visuals – from maps and videos to virtual tours of installed new services, smart service guides and 360 degree views - can be shared quickly and easily with the right people when you need to. ‘Sticky’ links placed on content can build interaction, link to relevant information and help to open up detailed discussion - and social media can be integrated to develop the conversation. It’s visually simple and you can capture tangible engagement analytics and reports of conversations and contributions.   

IoT ready

Stickyworld is quick to integrate with your existing systems. It can read open APIs for sensor data to show information about, or locations of IoT enabled devices. It can be used to explain functions, present live data from particular hotspots and support a more informed Q&A about how any new IoT enabled services actually work.

With Stickyworld, you can solve your city’s challenges from the ground up and build strong stakeholder support more easily, both from within and beyond your organisation. By reducing the risks of excluding people, and capturing insights from different groups of people, you can make smarter decisions and improve your overall project’s success.   

Make your project more successful with Stickyworld's visual collaboration and participation portals



Benefits for citizens

  • Enables more informed, contextual conversations about the benefits and risks of new city services.
  • Easy to get involved, understand more and have a say.
  • Convenient 24/7 access with desktop and mobile interfaces.


Benefits for city leaders

  • Ability to involve more stakeholders, improve collaboration and build ‘ecosystems’ around key issues ensuring real city challenges are met.
  • Mitigates risks of implementing solutions without citizen’s understanding and buy-in.
  • Reduces costs of running multiple expensive workshops and events and supports more direct participation, interaction and collaboration with citizens.


Benefits for innovators and technologists

  • Integrates citizen engagement to the heart of your offer. 
  • Enables sustainable stakeholder engagement to help innovate faster and more successfully.
  • Easy to integrate or plug in to your existing systems.



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