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Keep project stakeholders informed and involved throughout your soft landings construction project.

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In the UK, soft landings is a process that defines the common sense approach to involving your client, project stakeholders and end users in the design and build of buildings, with better outcomes.

Getting everyone together 

One of the challenges of the soft landings process lies in the difficulty of getting all the right people in the same room together.  This can drive up the cost of full soft landings adoption. Also, how can you explain highly technical content and present this in a way that is comprehensible and engaging and enables discussion and feedback? Smarter stakeholder engagement and communications are needed to keep everyone informed and involved throughout the process, and ensure the risks of design intent and actual built delivery are removed. 

Stickyworld presents a solution for your project 

Whether you are building a hospital or a local hairdresser salon, Stickyworld can be deployed to meet your soft landings communications requirements and scale to meet your requirements. 

It's easy to create lists of your stakeholders and set up design review rooms for pit stop checks at every stage of the process. You can everage BIM and 360 content to share clear presentations that your clients and stakeholders will understand, and be able to ask questions about .

You can use video training for pre-handover stages, and ensure that all the high level information people need is in a convenient place with links to more technical documentation in third party providers.

Innovate how you do wider stakeholder engagement for your construction project

Getting it right will save you time money, and increase your chances of repeat work with your clients.  

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