Business Stakeholder Engagement

Keep your stakeholders informed and engaged with your projects, business strategy and activities. Gather more ideas and data to inform business planning, delivery and performance.

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For engagement managers Stickyworld offers a cloud-based stakeholder engagement solution. It scales to suit your needs, integrates with social channels and extends face-to-face engagement. Stickyworld can help you embed engagement into your organisation's daily culture for co-creation of ideas with staff, customers and wider stakeholders.   

The responsibility for stakeholder engagement 

The responsibility to engage with everyone impacted by your organisation's activities means you and your wider team need to talk to and involve many groups of stakeholders. Consultations, roadshows, surveys and focus groups all take time to organise and drive up costs. 

Engagement online increases the opportunity for wider groups of people to get involved in an affordable way, extending your face-to-face activities. It enables you to gather more ideas and data to inform decisions. 

A robust stakeholder engagement process

Stickyworld provides you with an effective way to create, manage and evidence stakeholder engagement activity. The CRM on your portal makes it easy to manage stakeholder lists and to invite the right groups of people at the right time to get involved with projects, regardless of scale or location. 

You can quickly and simply set up online 'rooms' to broaden, deepen and extend more traditional forms of engagement. 

Clearer conversations 

Unlike traditional technology approaches, Stickyworld enables a more interactive presentation and explanation of projects using digital media. You can publish maps, documents, presentations, videos and 360 photography and invite discussion and feedback. A simple click to stick commenting system enables anyone to share an exact point of view on presented content, and enagage in a clearer conversation. You also have many choices in the different engagement methods, from visual discussion forums to virtual open days.  

Easier reporting and analysing engagement 

Exporting PDF reports and CSV files about your engagement is easy, helping you provide evidence to exectutives or regulators. It's also easy to see engagement analytics on your portal so you can measure the effectiveness of your engagement.


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Stickyworld provides a smarter way for you to build lasting stakeholder relationships 

Better for participants 
  • More convenient to get involved at a time and place to suit. 
  • Access to more information and ability to ask questions and provide ideas.
  • Easier to stay informed. 
Smarter for stakeholder engagement managers
  • Supports a more robust stakeholder engagement process.
  • Saves time and money in capturing valuable insights and ideas. 
  • Provides an easier way to provide evidence of stakeholder engagement.
Customer-centric collaboration for organisations
  • Allows for a greater understanding of the operating environment.
  • Enables a culture of responsiveness across the business leading to higher quality and informed decision-making.
  • Provides an inclusive, transparent and flexible approach to customer-centric collaboration which builds trust.

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