Better Decisions Together


Our Vision

In the rapidly evolving future of work, with increases in remote working and more people needing to be involved, we see organisations and teams require new tools for this asynchronous and remote future. Whilst existing tools like real-time messaging apps and video conferencing still require realtime attendance, and organisers struggle to record and share decisions and outcomes, we see a key role for software designed to extend the invite to any individual or group to engage within an extended timeframe, enable discussion and feedback and record and share any resultant decisions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people to contribute efficiently towards transparent, shared decisions on their projects.  Right now, we are working to improve everyday project engagement and feedback practice, focusing on transformational projects for built environment, business and technology, automating online, time-critical multi-stakeholder project activities such as ideas workshops, consultations & reviews.

We’ve drawn upon 8+ years of R&D to develop a new scalable approach that works across any industry or project type. We see a current missing SaaS category in enterprise software, occupying the space between Social Collaboration & Surveys.


Our Values

We believe in working hard but smart. We work flexibly, remotely and globally. We put our current and future customers at the heart of all our conversations and decisions. We use Confers daily to engage and invite feedback when developing our product and services and consider the contributions of everyone these decisions impact.